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Management Solutions can smoothly integrate into you architectural , mechanical and construction team as the subject matter experts in the cultivation. Processing and packaging subsystems required to convert an empty building into a productive and profitable business. Our expertise is focused on site layout, operational flow within the facility, creation of training and staffing materials and development of standard operating procudeure up to and including shop floor data collection to integrate into you ERP or General Ledger accounting system. It is important to establish the metrics for effectiveness and efficiency at the beginning of the project and then design the systems to support the needs of the executive team in managing the profitable operation of the business. 


One giant difference you will notice with Management Solutions is that we actually answer the phone.

Our team is knowledgeable, experienced managers, cultivators, extractors and equipment operators. We have built our reputation in the industry on our service. We can guide you through the design and equipment selection process, evaluation, selection, purchase, shipment, installation, training, operating and troubleshooting.

We work for and with some great manufacturers and they are experts in manufacturing, we are experts in making sure you achieve your production targets.

We are ready and willing to perform as much or as little service as you require.


Management  Solutions can help you design and select your first cultivation, processing or packaging facility up to and including developing you standard operating procedures, financial modeling, capital budgeting, site planning and complete facility design, construction, operation and management.

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